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Bali Activities

Planning for your vacation at Bali, the island of God’s? Have you checked for the activities that you can do at Bali?? Check out all the activities including adventure tours that you can do in Bali before finalizing your Bali tour package.

Dinner cruise

Having dinner with your loved ones on a cruise watching the beauties of sunset spread over the sky is the prettiest thing ever. Bounty cruise in Bali are the luxurious ships which offers you to enjoy the best evening in your life right into the ocean, with your loved ones accompanied by the delicious food and fire dance.

This dinner cruise will give you a feeling at the top of awesomeness specially for the honeymooners in Bali.

Toecad river rafting & river tubing

Bali the island of God’s is not only famous for its spirituality but also well known among the tourists for its adventure activities. Along with the miles of sea shore, Bali is gifted with fresh water rivers with a heavy flow of water which makes it suitable for river rafting & river tubing.

Toekad rafting is a team of the most trusted and enthusiastic guides who are ready to add one more unforgettable adventure to your memory. Along with river rafting and river tubing you can enjoy some other activities as well at Toekad adventure like ATV ride, paintball activity etc..

Water sports

Most probably on the 2nd day of your arrival, the first thing you will be doing in Bali is water sports. Tanjung Benoa, Nusa dua beaches are  most popular beaches in Bali for water sports. You can have all the fun beach activities here with your friends and family like kite frying, tug of war and many more games. There are lot of water sports activities that you can do on this each, some of which are enlisted here –

  • Banana boat
  • Scuba diving
  • Sea walker
  • Fly fish
  • Rolling doughnut
  • Jet ski
  • Glass-bottom boat
  • Parasailing – Single / Adventure
  • Jetpack
  • Fly board
  • Snorkeling
  • Visit to turtle island

Waterbom park

Waterbom Park is a classic place full of a numerous kind of activities for the thrill seekers as well as for those who are willing to relax and soak in the day away from the hectic and stressful schedule. It is an escape from the busting world outside to the world of adventure and fun.

This place is suitable for friends as well as families with kids as it has a separate play zone for kids. Along with the fun activities you can enjoy the delicious cuisines as well at the restaurants at Waterbom. It is a full day package of Waterbom which offers you the combination of thrill, adventure, relaxation and scrumptious food is an add on.


Watching the world underwater is a mesmerizing experience. Scuba Diving and Sea walker gives you that pleasure to see the beauties under water. But it still has some limitations. Adults can go for Scuba and sea walker but what about the children who are actually very curious about such things?

Submarine activity is the perfect solution for this as you can take your children on an under tour and let them enjoy the unforgettable moments of their life. Besides this submarine goes up to 35 meters deep into the ocean whereas in scuba or sea walker you can not go to this depth unless you are well trained and carry high quality equipment’s. In Submarine, you can have the most amazing views of life under water through the windows of your submarine.


With a number of beach breaks and continuous rolling waves, Bali is the perfect island for surfing for beginners as well as professionals. The beaches in Bali where surfing activities takes place are still less crowded which makes you more relaxed and comfortable during your surfing experience.

A number of surfing schools and training institutes are also available in Bali. So if you are a beginner and want to learn Surfing, Bali is the best place for you.

Night camping

Staying outside of home and our comfort zone for overnight and that to in a tent enjoying the sparling beauties of night is the best experience. Yes I’m talking about Night Camping and Ubud is famous place for night camping in Bali.

The location of night camping in Ubud is surrounded by the rice fields where you can go for trekking or you can also go for cycling on the ways carved through out the rice fields and have enjoy the greenery around. Ayung river is also on a not so far distance from this location of night camping so you can enjoy the adventure of river rafting and river tubing as well there.


Bali, the island of God’s is blessed with a tremendously beautiful natural surrounding. And the spirituality in the air of Bali makes it more attractive and peaceful place to relax as well as have fun.

The sightseeing’s at Bali are mostly surrounded by the sea shores, mountains and the scenic views of the nature. Some of the sightseeing’s I have enlisted below –

  • Ubud – Ubud market, Ubud Palace & Monkey forest
  • Tanah lot
  • Kintamani – Volcano view
  • BAS Agro – Tea plantation
  • Uluwatu – Sunset view & Kecak dance
  • Bedugul – Beratan temple
  • Celuk village – Silver & Gold ornaments, handicrafts.
  • Jimbaran Beach – For dinner
  • Nusa Penida – A small island close to Bali

Bali swing

You must have seen lot of pictures of so many tourists enjoying swings at Bali, this activity is know as Bali Swing. It is one more adventure activity in Bali, in the middle of rice fields or on the bank of river or with the scenic view of mountain range.

Bali swing is a kind of back to childhood cum adventures activity which a lot of tourists enjoy. It is also one of the perfect place for photoshoots which makes it famous among couples or honeymooners.


The more you explore Bali the more you fall in love with it. Bali is not only famous for the marine activities and sightseeing, it has some more adventure as well through which you can experience the glory of this island. One of those adventures is trekking.

If you are one of those who loves to walk then there are some place in Bali where you can go for a trek specially to enjoy the mesmerizing sunrises. Here I’m enlisting the places where you can go for trek in Bali –

  • Mount Batur
  • Mount Agung
  • Sambanga village
  • Luwus village
  • Ubud village
  • Bali jungle trekking
  • Dikubu Strawberry farm
  • Campuhan hill

Volcano view

The view of Mount Batur along with the lake besides is breathtaking. There are two mountains in Bali which are famous because of the volcanic activities namely Mount Agung and Mount Batur. Out of these two mountains Mount Agung has volcanic eruptions frequently where as no recent volcanic activity is recorded recently on Mount Batur.

Visiting Mount Agung is prohibited at a certain point but you can enjoy the fabulous view of Mount Batur and the beautiful lake besides the mountain at kintamani. There are some restaurants with open galleries which offers you to have lunch while enjoying the scenic view of Mount Batur along with the range of other mountains and the beautiful lake.

Luwak coffee

If you are in Bali for a tour then you must try the Luwak coffee at least for once, it is worth sacrificing your Starbucks favorite for one time. Besides if you want to have this coffee outside of Bali, the cost of one cup of Luwak coffee may empty your pocket.

You can get the information of coffee plantation as well here as this place is one of the most visited tourist destination in Bali.

Bali Safari (Night & Day)

Some people out there thinks that there is no adventure in visiting a zoo, it is a place that must e visited by children or senior citizens only. For those people let me tell you Bali Safari is         not only the home for thousands of wild animals but it is also a destination of adventure, fun and thrill for you.

You can go for day safari as well as night safari. In day time you can enjoy the beauty of the natural surrounding and watch the animals in daylight. At night Safari you can feed the animals from the fully covered vehicle. It is a conservation frontline for more that 100 species of Indonesian wildlife’s.


When you are at Bali, the land full of adventure and natural beauties, you can not miss visiting the amazing green lands of rice fields and other awaited adventures just because clean roads don’t go there. Riding a cycle through the small roads of villages, watching local activities, enjoying greenery and beauty of the nature spread all over around is an adventure in itself.

Cycling is one of the fun and adventure activity that so many tourists loves to do at Bali. Now a day there are some electric cycles also available which you can ride with less efforts on the mountains as well. If you like any place while on your ride you can always stop there, spend some time of click pictures and then again start your journey.

Tree top

The trend of tourism in Bali is changing these days. The island which is know as the island of Gods has an adventurous side as well along with the peace and spirituality. Tree top is one more adventure activity in Bali that most of the tourists love to do these days.

Now you must be thinking what kind of adventure is this? So let me tell you, Tree top adventure is one of the most exciting adventure which is done in the open environment and at the top of the tree’s. You will be doing all the fun activities on the tree top here. Some of these activities are children friendly so you can enjoy them with your friends and family as well.


Bali, the magical gem of Indonesia which is famous for its beautiful beaches, mesmerizing coral reefs and volcanic mountains is also well known for its luxuries Gold Courses. These Golf course are not only spread over the vast land of Bali but they also surrounded but the natural beauties.

You may have seen the pictures of these Golf courses on various Social Medi platforms like Instagram and Facebook, but trust me visiting these places and enjoying the views personally is more amazing that just watching it into the photos. All the modern facilities and services at these Golf courses along with the scenic views make Bali as one of the best destination for Golfing.

ATV ride

ATV ride is one more challenging adventure that tourists love to do in Bali. With this thrilling ATV ride you can get close to the glory and adventure of this island. The guide will give you all the instructions before starting your ride and he will be will you during all your ride with the safety equipment’s.

ATV ride is the most challenging adventure and it will be more fun if you have a group of friends or your loved ones with whom you want to go for this adventure. You will get an opportunity to ride the ATV through rice terrace, various plantations, on the bank of river, through out the bamboo forest, from dark jungles and also through the villages. Isn’t it fantastic.

Night life in Bali

Live music, loud DJ’s, theater shows, rooftop bars and dinner cruise in the evening offering beautiful sunset clearly states that in Bali life becomes better after darkness. You can find all type of crowd on the streets of Bali during night time including the locals as well as the foreigner tourists.

Kuta, Seminyak and Legian are the most famous locations for enjoying nightlife in Bali having a number of bars, restaurants and pubs. The drinks and entry passes of these pubs and bars are within your budget, you can find a number of bars offering drinks at cheap rates here. You can even choose a beach side restaurant or bar as well if you want to spend your night on the beach away from the crowd and noise of the DJ’s.


Besides being a most visited tourist place Bali is famous for its art and creativity as well. You can see the examples of their creativity as soon as you land on the island like at airport, by the road sides, in the hotel, around the shops and everywhere.

Ubud market, Agung Bali and Duty free shopping mall are the most popular shopping places amongst the tourists in Bali. While going to Ubud from Kintamani you will see so many shops on both sides of the road who are selling beautiful and creative things like wood carving, sculptures made from stone or clay or wood, Delicate showpieces made from glass, some accessories knitted from cloth or woolen and Many more things which will catch your eyes and attention. The sculptures made from land and volcanic rocks are one of the most popular creative things in Bali.

Bali Beyond (Closest islands – Lombok, Gilli island)

As you know Indonesia is the country of island and Bali is the most visited island of the country. There are some more island as well which have their own glory and attracting the tourists in Bali to visit these islands at least once.

Lombok, Gilli island, Nusa Penida are the island which are at not so far distance from Bali. Amongst these three Nusa Penida is the closest one from Bali, so you can have a one day tour of this island. For rest of the both islands you need at least two days to visit.

So I hope you have got an idea of all the things you can do at Bali and now it be easier for you to be more specific while planning your Bali tour. I hope this information will be helpful for you during your visit to Bali.