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Halfday Sightseeing


If you are in Bali why to waste even a half day too by just seating at your hotel or wherever you stay and do nothing. Instead of that how about going on a half day Bali tour and making a quality time by spending it on some beautiful sightseeing places at Bali???

I’m sure you will love this idea.  Not only the foreigner tourists but the local or domestic tourists also can enjoy the benefit of this half day tour package in Bali. Half day Bali Tour is mostly a 6 hours tour in Bali including the traveling duration. The timings of this half day tour at Bali are different for different sightseeing’s.

The inclusion of this half day Bali tour package are as given below:

  • Transfer from hotel to sightseeing & vice versa after tour
  • 1 bottle of mineral water

Itinerary of the Bali half day tour package is as given below:

  • Pickup from hotel at decided time
  • Visit to sightseeing
  • Drop to hotel after tour

Here are some places which you can visit in a Bali half day tour package. You can choose any one place that you want to visit. If you want to know more about these places in Bali before visiting it you can visit our page ‘Place of interest in Bali’ and read the detailed information of all the sightseeing’s as well as the activities in Bali with their timings, distance, and entry fees.

Tanah lot – 

Start at – 4 pm

Purpose – Sunset tour

Tanah lot is one of the important out of 6 temple complex in Bali, which is carved into the rock in the ocean. The purpose to visit this place is to enjoy the sunset and musical sound of continuously crashing waves from the ocean.

Uluwatu –

Start at – 4 pm

Purpose – Sunset tour

Uluwatu temple is well known for the sunset view and kecak dance. The fees of the kecak dance is by your own expenses. Seating on a height from the ocean, listening the sound of crashing waves, watching the beautiful sunset and ocean view wherever your sight follows, isn’t it amazing….

Ubud – 

Start at – Any time between 9 am – 2pm

Purpose – Ubud Village, Ubud palace and Ubud Market

Ubud is a royal village as the royal families of Bali actually lived in the palace of Ubud. You can visit a Monkey Forest in Ubud which is a habitat for monkeys, but before visit this it read about Monkey Forest in detail to know what care should be taken before visiting this place.

Ubud market is the popular shopping place among the local, domestic and foreigner tourists as will.  You can buy here Balinese traditional cloths and other beautiful handicrafts representing Balinese creativity.

Denpasar city –

Start at – Any time between 9 am – 2pm

Purpose – Visit Bajra sandhi, Museum Bali, Jagannath temple

Bajra Sandhi is the monument located at the heart of Denpasar city, representing the struggle of the local peoples years back. It has a mesmerizing Balinese architecture which attract the foreigner tourists specially Chinese and Korean tourists.

Museum Bali is the State Museum storing the human heritage and the equipment’s from the ancient Bali like the equipment’s and supplies of life, art, creativity, ancient written languages etc. These heritages reflects the ancient Balinese culture and how it is changing in modern Balinese tradition.

Pura Jagannath Temple is the most visited Hindu temple in the province of Bali, located at the center of Denpasar city. This temple is visited by most of the Hindu tourists as well as locals specially on Hindu holiday seasons and full moon.

Tanjung beach –

Starting time – 9 am

Purpose – Water sport activities

Tanjung Benoa Beach is famous for its Water sports activities. All the water sports are done in first half of the day because water level of the ocean starts getting down post afternoon. Besides the activities like Scuba diving and sea walker are to be done early in the morning when the water is more clear so that you can have a clear view of the life under water.

All the water sport activities are done by your own expenses. If you don’t want to do any water sport then you can enjoy the beach side view there and relax and chill down on the warm sand on the beach.